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Digital native. I live, breath and dream online. I never know what to put in the box when it says occupation, so I just write “Internets.” With almost two decades of new-media experience under my belt, you’d think I’d know what I want to be when I grow up. But I don’t. I enjoy working on small, smart teams. A natural-born leader. My teams excel. My demos and presentations rock. Let’s discuss your challenges and how I can help you solve them.
Justin Tormey

I make things.

Digital Product Development
 (A Maker.)

Convergent Platforms
 (And mix ‘em up.)

Technology Evangelist
 (I believe this stuff.)

Bright Lights. Big Brands.



How To Engage Developers In Femtocell API Use

For femtocell APIs to be effective, mobile operators must learn how to engage developers outside their own walls. Application programming interfaces in femtocells may have a lot of potential, but […]


Finishing School for Potential API Providers

Had the pleasure of speaking with Kin Lane at Gluecon 2011. The topic was APIs and best practices. I’ve got a fair amount of experience with APIs, and tripped and […]


API Flight Club

WELCOME TO FLIGHT CLUB During 2011 SXSW Interactive, Alcatel-Lucent gathered the best and the brightest in the API space, fed them, gave them some wicked cool swag and picked their […]

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